The conference theme of Design and Time takes the theme of the temporal turn.

There has been sustained research and debate across a number of disciplines recently about different global perspectives on time, the rhythms of work and time and the increasing speed of life and communication between different communities. In what ways can the discipline of design history respond to these challenges?  How can the past inform the present and the future in terms of design? How has time been designed?

This international conference is hosted by Middlesex University in partnership with the Design History Society.

Forty years ago in 1976, the Second Conference of Twentieth Century Design History took place at Middlesex Polytechnic on the theme of Leisure and Design in the Twentieth Century, and placed Middlesex right at the heart of the then newly emerging discipline of design history. In the current era of rapid prototyping and slow design, this conference is an opportunity to reflect on the changing nature of time in relation to design history.



Convenor: Zoë Hendon 

Zoë is Head of Museum Collections at the Museum of Domestic Design and Architecture, Middlesex University.

Co-Convenor: Anne Massey 

Anne was Professor of Design History at Middlesex University and is now Associate Dean of Research at LCC, University of the Arts London.

Administrator: Nicola Skinner

Nicola is the Events Coordinator in the Research and Knowledge Transfer Office at Middlesex University.

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